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Who are we?

Xochitla Foundation is a non-profit civil association whose main purpose is to develop and preserve an important environmental recovery area where the human being can reunite with nature in a unique and fun way.

With 70 hectares of surface (173 acres), Xochitla Ecological Park provides recreation, entertainment and education, offering environmental services, developing community linking programs and generating the necessary resources to assure the permanence of this green urban area.

Professional development
Recreational activities


To develop, consolidate and assure the permanence of this green urban area, for the benefit and with the participation of the society, whose main purpose is that human beings can reunite with nature in a way everybody can learn and enjoy.

To accomplish its mission, the Xochitla Foundation has created different programs focused on four main aims: environmental projects, education and awareness, connections with the community and services.


Besides of fostering the sustainability in a broad sense, Xochitla Foundation pursuits its inner sustainability through developing four extents that should be strengthen in a harmonic and balanced way.

  • Environmental Extent: It comprises biodiversity’s preservation projects, as well as the efficient and rational use of natural resources.
  • Social Extent: It promotes the activities in connection with the public in general, companies, educational institutions, civil society organizations and government.
  • Technical Extent: Professional preparation of human talent and technological support of our institutional work.
  • Economical Extent: To assure the sources of incomes that guarantee the development and permanence of our projects.

Environmental Projects

To preserve this green urban area, the foundation develops, within Xochitla Ecological Park, different environmental projects that are essential for the sustainability of the place.

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Collection Center and separation of solids wastes.
  • Application of environmental friendly technologies.
  • Climatological Station.
  • Composting and vermicomposting production.
  • Nursery and Greenhouses.
  • Didactic and Biointensive Vegetable Gardens.
  • Herbarium and Seed Bank.
  • Botanic Garden.
  • Preserving the fauna of the place.

Education and Awareness

The foundation, besides of having the Xochitla’s Center of Environmental Education which is certified by the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, it offers programs for professional and human development, certifications and different courses together with some other academic institutions, as well as training and assessment in ecotourism and agribusiness subjects, open to all public and tailor-made to each organization.

In such way we provide the society with quality environmental education, giving the opportunity to learn while having fun and becoming aware of the role each one has in preserving the planet.


In the work to promote the sustainability, the institution participates with other social movements in groups and committees wishing to promote the environmental, social, touristic and economical development of the region. Likewise, it offers training and assessment for sustainable community development projects (rural or urban).


We offer different services and exclusive recreational activities that adapt to our visitor’s preferences with optimal gardens and facilities to live in family or to make business, educational or social events in a safe environment surrounded by nature.

  • Xochitla Ecological Park: with activities, workshops, events and shows on weekends. 
  • Restaurant called “El Silo”.
  • Xochitla’s Convention Center.
  • Xochitla’s Environmental Education Center.
  • Xochitla’s Social Event Center.

To sum up ...

Xochitla Foundation develops different environmental projects and offers exclusive recreational, educational and business services that make possible to obtain the necessary incomes to consolidate and preserve this green urban area.

Besides, the programs implemented up to now has positioned the institution as promoter of education, the preservation of the region’s biodiversity and the environment protection. It also has the support of hallmarks and certifications in different areas, granted by public and private organizations.

For more information, contact us at:

Website: and
Tel: 5899-6600
Fax: 5899-6625
Address: Carretera Circunvalación s/n, Tepotzotlán-Estado de México, C.P. 54600

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Xochitla Foundation is a non-profit civil association. The money you invest when hiring our services or using our facilities is used to develop and preserve this wonderful space of environmental recovery.

Xochitla Parque Ecológico Premio al Mérito Ecológico 2010
Premio Xochitla, VI Edición otorgado a Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda I.A.P. (GESG).
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Premio Xochitla, V Edición otorgado al Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, A. C.
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